Beef Enchilada Soup

I was surfing pinterest  the other day.

I found a recipe for a chicken enchilada soup.

It looked really good but chicken is not my friend post surgery.

I did have some shredded beef in my freezer and all the other ingredients except the cream of something soup.

The original recipe called for cream of chicken but I didn’t want chicken in my beef enchilada soup.  Also, Jim is having issues with MSG so we are trying to cut it from our diets, so no canned soups.

So, I improvised.  I grabbed a carton of beef broth and a box of cream cheese.  I have gone to full fat in my cooking and do not seem to be having a problem with it.

The beef broth and cream cheese were put into the crock pot to heat up while I chopped the small sweet peppers into rings and diced up an onion.

In my cast iron skillet, love my cast iron, I melted a table-spoon of coconut oil and added the onions.  When the onions were just starting to become translucent with some blackening around the edges I added the pepper rings.

Checking on the broth and cream cheese, I broke up the cream cheese block into smaller chunks and then whisked to combine.

I drained and rinsed one can of black beans and one can of diced tomatoes, then added about 1 1/2 cups frozen corn.

When the broth was heated up I added one large can of enchilada sauce and whisked to combine.

Dump the beans/tomato/corn and the defrosted shredded beef into the crock pot and stirred until well mixed.

When the onions and peppers were nice and soft with nicely blackened edges they were added to the crock pot as well as any oil left in the skillet.

I sprinkled paprika on top, probably a good 1/8 of a cup.  Added some nice dehydrated mushrooms and shredded cheese, I only had mozzarella in the house but the mexican mix would be better. Stirred well, and let cook on high for about 2 hours then on low for another 4.

Served with taco shells broken on top.

Really Yummy.

1 carton beef broth

1 small box cream cheese

1 large can enchilada sauce

1 can black beans

1 can diced tomatoes

1 1/2 cups frozen corn

1 large onion, diced

1 cup sweet peppers, sliced in rings

1 tbls coconut oil

1 pound cooked shredded beef

1/4 cup paprika

handful of dehydrated mushrooms

1 cup shredded cheese

(All measurements are estimates since I don’t really measure.)


Super Yummy Blueberry Protein Bars

In light of my recent carb overload, I decided to play with some baking.  Here’s what I came up with.


About 2 cups blueberries tossed with 8 packets Truvia and a splash of lemon juice.

set aside.  In large mixing bowl,

2c bread flour (extra protein)

1/4c gluten 

1/4c almond meal

4 scoops vanilla cream whey protein powder (25g/scoop)

1c Splenda

1Tbs baking powder

dash of salt

mix all dry ingredients until well blended

In small mixing bowl,

2 sticks melted butter

2c milk (I use whole)

1 Tbs sugar-free Torani Carmel syrup

pour wet ingredients into dry

Mix well, add blueberries.

Pour into 9×11 deep dish cake pan

Bake at 350 until top is a nice golden brown and knife stuck into center comes out clean.


Even my 4-year-old has been gobbling these up today.

I’m feeling much better after focusing on my protein these last few days.

I haven’t tried freezing these yet, but I’m getting ready to go put some in the freezer.

I’ll most likely only make half a batch next time and I’m sure any fruit or nuts combo would work.  I had lots blueberries that were about to hold up all the other fruit for loose change so I needed to use them.

If you try this with any improvements, please stop back by and let me know.  I’m always experimenting, part of why I write things down here so if I really like something I can recreate it.

Black Beans and Rice

Dinner tonight was made up on the fly.  Black rice with black beans and kilbalsa in a nicely spiced red sauce.

Should have taken a picture, sorry.

I cooked the rice in our rice cooker with coconut water and a little butter.  It takes extra liquid and twice as long to cook, but the extra protein and taste is well worth the effort over white rice.

I carmelized a half an onion in olive oil adding a dash of Worcestershire sauce for flavor.

In a sauce pan I mixed one can of drained diced tomatoes with a can of tomato sauce.  I think next time I will try a can of paste with an undrained can of tomatoes.

Some cumin, Franks red-hot sauce and a dash of lime juice were added and the onions then brought to a boil.

Fry the sliced kelbalsa in the remaining olive oil from the onions.

Mix it all together in a bowl and serve.

So good and chock full of protein.


The coconut water adds protein as does the black rice.

You would think I’d learn… I will go a day or two and not pay attention which means I eat more carbs and it always takes a good 3-4 days to get myself feeling energetic and “right” again.  I’m a bit hard-headed and absent-minded on this lesson I guess.



I picked up some protein powder to add to my food.  I’ve been neglecting my protein intake and I’ve been suffering for it.

I’ve found, the higher my carb intake, the more I want carbs, and the hungrier I am constantly.

On a happier note.  I’ve finally come to the relization that, Yes, I am a size 6.  I even tried on a size 4 jeans at Macy’s yesterday.  I got them up and zipped.  I wouldn’t have been able to bend over and pick up a penny from the floor, but they were on.  I’ll stick to the comfortable size 6 for now, but it gives me a goal.


Mystery Meat from the Freezer

Our freezer is running rather low on meat.  Since surgery, chicken has been a 50/50 proposition for me so I tend to leave the chicken for Jim’s lunch and use beef or pork for dinner.

We by loins at BJ’s and have them cut it into 1 pound roasts that Jim vacu-seals and freezes.  He’s usually really good about labeling them cow or pig, but I found one lone roast in the bottom of the freezer without a label other than date frozen.

SO… until it thaws, it’s a mystery.  Either way I will probably roast it with a spicy rub and some coconut rice with veggies.

Nice and easy.

On the bright side I made a pear cobbler/cake for dessert….. better go make sure it’s not burning….

What’s for dinner at your house tonight?


Spicy Beef and veggies over Coconut Rice.

So I’ve been in an allergy medication fog for the last month.  Sorry about that.  But I’m back.

I’m getting back in the groove at Curves and I’ve even taken up running.

Tonight I invented a dish for dinner.  I was getting tired of the same old, same old, tastes.

Start with rice, I used brown long grain, cooked in coconut water.


The beef was some stew beef I found in my freezer, thawed and cut into small bit sized bits then marinated in 1 cup white wine, 3 Tbs Worcestershire sauce,1-2 Tbs chicken hot sauce,

For the life of me I can’t figure out why it will not let me turn this picture and save it, so you get it on it’s side.

Anyway, add to the wine and chili sauce 2 Tbs coco powder, and 4 packets Truvia.  I mix it all in a baggy then add the meat and let sit in the fridge for a few hours.

In a large skillet I browned the beef after draining off the marinade in some olive oil, added some sliced red onions, 1/3 of a diced red pepper, some cooked baby carrots left over from the other night, chopped garlic (I like the pre-chopped in a jar), 1/3 cup each mushrooms, frozen peas, frozen corn.

I added a cup of water, 2 TBS soy sauce, 1 Tbs chicken chili sauce.  Let simmer.  I melted 2 Tbs butter and added 3 Tbs flour then added that to the skillet as a thickener.  I did at the end add 2 Tbs cream cheese to soften the spice (I didn’t actually measure how much chili sauce I added, just squirted).

Serve over the rice.


Cooking the rice in the coconut water adds potassium, something I have a very hard time getting enough of as I am allergic to bananas, plus it gives the rice a nice sweet taste without a lot of added sugar.

I also made a blueberry cobbler/cake.

A friend of mine Sharon over at Not Your Average Desperate Housewife made a peach version of this when I was over at her house the other day and was kind enough to share her recipe with me. I make mine with Splenda instead of sugar and add vanilla and SF caramel flavoring, but she gave me the main recipe.


That was dinner tonight and even my 4 year old liked it, even if he did pick out the red peppers and onions.

Birthdays are killers

Two birthdays in 2 weeks.

I’ve been a very bad girl for the last 2 weeks.  I’ve been hyped up on 5 different kinds of allergy medicine (involuntary housewife).

Brain fog does not help the “make wise choices” aspect of using this tool of gastric bypass.
Especially when you’re far enough out that you CAN eat just about everything, but you really shouldn’t.

I have a third of a sheet cake sitting on my dinning room table.  I need to go and cut up  a few pieces to give away to some friends who have asked for some and throw the rest in the garbage.

The Boy had left over cake and pizza for breakfast.  He’d have the same for dinner if I don’t get rid of it.

I  can’t dwell on the fact that I haven’t eaten right in 2 weeks or the fact that I haven’t been to the gym in 3 weeks.

I just have to make the commitment to make today better…. wait, already screwed up today (had a bite of cake) but Tomorrow, back to Curves!

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